Welcome to Brecon Rotary.

A message from our President

Welcome to Brecon Rotary the local branch of Rotary International which was established in 1905 to promote Friendship and Community Service. Our club has been going strong for over fifty years and covers Brecon town and surrounding villages.

 Our members are drawn from a wide range of backgrounds from age eighteen and above.

 We hold regular meetings throughout the year of which some are formal planning meetings and others are either social or instructive where we invite   Guest speakers who have a story to tell or skills to share. 

 There is little formality. Our meetings are planned each year in advance but we appreciate that with family and work demands it is rarely possible to attend all meetings 

 All members pay an annual fee of which a portion is retained by the club and area office for administration costs, a portion goes to Rotary International, again, to support administration and finally a portion is used to fund the work of major  Rotary International humanitarian campaigns such as Polio eradication which has been a massive success.

 There is undoubtedly a strong social element to our club which provides the opportunity to meet others and make new friends. We all though have one thing in common; a desire to invest our time, energy and resources into serving our communities. 

 Here are just a few examples of our work.

* Financial support for community defibrillators.

* Funding and maintaining local flower boxes.

* Annual Rotary Carol concert at Brecon Cathedral.

* Community Chest programme.

* RYLA Youth Leadership programme.

* Supporting emergency humanitarian aid through Shelterbox and Aquabox.


 There are many more examples! If you would like to know more about Rotary and our work or interested in joining please get in touch.

Roger Reese President 2021/2022