"Community Chest" Small Grants Scheme

Brecon Rotary Club wants to hear from local groups and organisations that can do a lot of good with a little extra money.

Brecon Rotary Club is excited to announce that it has agreed to invest some £2,500 in a range of local community projects by means of small grants scheme.

The scheme is aimed at encouraging funding applications from local charities and other organisations supporting community life in and around Brecon which could benefit from a modest grant of up to £500.

Brecon Rotary intends to be very open-minded about the types of activities it will support so long as the project or programme responds to a community need in or within the catchment area of Brecon Rotary Club and meets its criteria on the giving of grants.

What the club will need to understand is exactly what the money will be used for, who will benefit from it and how much difference it will make.

Brecon Rotary will consider all applications received by Sunday 7th May 2017  No further applications being accepted

Further information and application forms are now no longer available

Commumnity - Small Grants Scheme